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Your Tuesday Briefing – The New York Times

The U.S. deployed an aircraft carrier and Air Force bombers to the Persian Gulf in response to what officials described as new threats by Iran against American troops in Iraq.

The move was intended “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force,” said the national security adviser, John Bolton.

The news came as Iran’s state media reported that Iran would be informing the other signatories of its nuclear deal that it would reduce compliance with the 2015 accord over sanctions imposed a year ago, when President Trump ordered the U.S. to withdraw from the deal.

Gaza: Israel and Palestinian militants agreed to a new, fragile cease-fire. At least 22 Palestinians, including children and militants, and four Israeli civilians died in the fighting over the weekend.

Context: Kashmir has long been caught in a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Growing local frustrations in the parts controlled by India and an aggressive crackdown on young Kashmiri fighters has increased antipathy toward Indian forces.

By the end of voting in the region, only 3 percent of Kashmiris had cast their ballots.

“We don’t want these sham elections,” said one local student. “We want India to deliver on its promise of a plebiscite and resolve the Kashmir dispute once and for all.”

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