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Teenagers Go On Strike From Schools Across Europe To Demand Action

Thousands of young people took to the streets across Europe on Friday as student strikes calling for action to curb climate change continue to spread around the globe.

The movement, which was inspired by a solitary picket by a Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg, has grown into a global push that has seen thousands of students strike in several European countries and Australia.

In nearly every country where strikes have taken place, the push is being led by teenage girls, who told BuzzFeed News they’ve been coordinating globally using WhatsApp, a Discord server, and weekly conference calls convened on Zoom.

Scientists agree that human-made climate change is a real and urgent threat, one that’s already playing out in the form of rising seas and warming temperatures. Frustrated that adults aren’t doing enough to combat the crisis, students are going on strike.

Another global day of action — which will also include protests in the US — is being organized for March 15.

The Belgian protests are ramping up into a new phase, with university students joining the demonstrations that began with high schoolers.

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