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‘I’m Sick of Seeing My Face,’ Says the Internet’s Kombucha Connoisseur

Brittany Tomlinson hit record on her iPhone and cracked open a can of kombucha for the first time.

She hated it. Then she loved it. Then she didn’t know how she felt. She still isn’t sure.

“Low-key it’s kind of good, but it’s nasty,” Ms. Tomlinson said in an interview, continuing to waffle.

However indecisive Ms. Tomlinson may be about the fermented beverage, her facial expressions in a video of her reaction were decidedly pointed. First, disgust. Then, a reconsideration. A shake of her head seems to confirm her initial reaction: She hates the drink. Wait — maybe not. “Well …” she says, tilting her head. She giggles at herself, smirks, and the video ends.

“It’s an amazing sequence,” said Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies facial expression and watched the video at the request of The New York Times. He was delighted.

Online, people have used the video to describe every scenario imaginable, from the emotional roller coaster of trying alcohol for the first time to deciding whether to ignore the groceries you just bought and eat Taco Bell for dinner (again). Ms. Tomlinson can’t even scroll through Twitter without seeing herself.

“Have you ever looked at your face for too long? That’s what it’s like,” she said of her moment. “I’m sick of seeing my face.”

Ms. Tomlinson, 22, is a recent Texas A&M graduate and works at a bank near Dallas, where she grew up.

“If they send it to me, I’m going to be honest,” she said. “They’re not paying me. Yet.”

She paused, then said: “Wink wink.” Her specialty is facial expressions; a phone interview probably wasn’t ideal.

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