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What Bode Miller Can’t Travel Without

Over his two-decade career, the champion alpine ski racer Bode Miller earned more Olympic medals (six) than any other American skier, and also won the World Cup twice. Mr. Miller’s latest project, BEYOND by Bomber, is a membership-based program offering exclusive ski experiences and valet services.

Though Mr. Miller, 41, no longer competes (he retired in 2017, three years after becoming the oldest man to win an alpine ski medal at the Games), he still loves to ski, and brings two pairs wherever he goes. “When I was competing, I was generally traveling for four events at a time, and I’d bring around 100 pairs,” he recently recalled. “If we tried to narrow it down, we could get down to 65 or 70.”

One of his favorite off-the-beaten-track places is Paganella, Italy. “It’s one of those spots that doesn’t really pop up on anyone’s radar unless you happen to live south of the Alps. Because it’s tucked up in the mountains, the elevation changes really quickly there. And it’s beautiful beyond belief — with a lake, an incredible landscape and great terrain.”

His top pick for domestic skiing is Jackson Hole. “Even though it’s well-known, it’s a gem,” he says, recommending it for skiers looking for a challenge. “In most places, the terrain that you can access via lift is fairly limited unless you’re willing to hike, or trek, or heli-ski. At Jackson, you take the tram up to the top and you have the fingers there, which are cornices into narrow chutes, and are normally only available with heli-skiing type operations. It’s really amazing to have those available via the chairlift.”

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