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The New Samsung Galaxy Fold Is A Foldable Phone That Costs $1,980

At an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Samsung officially announced a name for its new foldable phone: the Galaxy Fold (lol).

It’s a mobile device that can be folded in half to fit in one hand or in your pocket, with a touchscreen that works like you’d expect a smartphone to. Then, when you need to see something in a larger format — BAM! — you can flip open the Galaxy Fold to reveal a gigantic 7.3-inch display.

Is it possible that this foldable phone is the ultimate solution to all those new phones that are Just Too Big?

That’s what I thought, at least until Samsung said the phone-tablet transformer was designed for you to multitask, and view up to three different apps at once — which honestly just sounds really stressful! This solution for size ends up creating new problems for my emotional well-being.

Folded, the small display is 4.6 inches (about a half-inch bigger than an iPhone SE/5s) at 840×1960 resolution. The inner larger display is 7.3 inches (nearly an inch larger than the mega big Galaxy S10+) at 1536×2152 resolution. It also runs on two batteries, one on each side of the fold.

In anticipation of the Fold’s launch, Google announced in November that Android, the operating system for Samsung devices, would support foldable, multi-display devices.

Samsung said the Galaxy Fold will *start* at $1,980 (likely more for more storage capacity) when the device is available on April 26 through AT&T and T-Mobile. The device will launch in Europe on May 3, at 2,000 euros.

Of course, people have thoughts.

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