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Demi Moore Lets Her Guard Down

“I had no career,” she said. “No relationship.” And then her health began to deteriorate, as even basic tasks like reading and watching TV became incapacitating. Moore was experiencing autoimmune and digestive problems and, while she was circumspect about telling me the exact diagnosis she received, she said, “Something was going on, including my organs slowly shutting down,” adding that “the root was a major heavy viral load.”

Little by little, Moore pieced things back together. She went to a rehab program for trauma, codependency and substance abuse and worked with a doctor specializing in integrative medicine to rectify her health problems. Gradually she began to reconcile with her daughters and, about two years ago, got serious about the writing of “Inside Out,” which she accomplished with a co-author, Ariel Levy, a staff writer for The New Yorker and a memoirist as well.

CreditAlessandra Montalto/The New York Times

At the outset of their collaboration, Levy said she encouraged Moore not to censor herself, but found that she did not need much reassurance in this area. “Let’s just get it out,” Levy said she told Moore, “and in the end, anything that you’re like, ‘That’s actually too private,’ we’ll take it out. And that step kind of never happened.”

Paltrow, in particular, credited the memoir with helping to reduce Moore’s health problems by unburdening her of the psychic baggage she’d been carrying. As women, Paltrow said, “We think we just have to get through everything and bear the burden for everyone in our family.”

Moore’s book, she said, went hand-in-hand with “her healing journey — physically, mentally, emotionally. It’s no accident that it’s all been in alignment and all happened at the same time.”

Moore said she had little concern that anything she wrote would cost her any standing in her industry. “There’s nothing I have to protect,” she said. “Really.”

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