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Coronavirus Live Updates – The New York Times

Nearly 300,000 records, most of them from virus tests, disappeared from the system over the past two weeks, a problem that the state is currently rectifying.

“She wrote a resignation letter and I accepted her resignation,” Mr. Newsom said of the public heath director, Dr. Sonia Angell. “We are all accountable in our respective roles for what happens underneath us.”

In a letter to her colleagues at the California Department of Public Health, Dr. Angell on Sunday had cited “my own plans to depart from my position,” but did not give a specific reason for leaving.

The breakdown of the antiquated data system, which the governor on Monday vowed to replace, had clouded the overall picture of the virus’s progression in California, which as of Monday has had 10,378 deaths related to the virus, third in the nation after New York and New Jersey, and 567,908 confirmed cases, according to a database maintained by The New York Times.

On Monday Mr. Newsom said that despite testing delays and the problems with the disease reporting system that there were encouraging signs in the state’s fight against the virus. He cited a 19 percent decline in hospitalizations over the past two weeks. Last week the state had reported a 10 percent decline. Hospitalizations are counted using a separate system unaffected by the data problems.

Dr. Angell, who had been in her role for less than a year, was replaced by two people: Sandra Shewry, a veteran public health official, is now the acting director of the Department of Public Health, and Dr. Erica Pan, the former chief health officer of Alameda County, is now the acting state public health officer. In her role in Alameda County, Dr. Pan had clashed with Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and head of Tesla, over plans to reopen the company’s car factory in Fremont, Calif.

In other U.S. news:

  • Many medical experts — including members of his own staff — worry about whether Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and one of the nation’s most powerful health officials, has the fortitude and political savvy to protect the scientific integrity of the F.D.A. from the president. Critics point to a series of worrisome responses to the epidemic under Dr. Hahn’s leadership, most notably the emergency authorization the agency gave to hydroxychloroquine, the drug promoted by Mr. Trump. The F.D.A. reversed its decision three months later because the treatment did not work and harmed some people.

  • At least seven courtrooms in San Antonio had to go offline for several minutes last week in what the authorities called a “Zoom bomb” attack. On Wednesday, virtual court hearings were interrupted with profanities, sexual images, graphic photos of courthouse shootings and a photograph from the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, court officials said. The same day, in Tampa, Fla., another virtual hearing went offline after pranksters posing as reporters interrupted a Zoom bond hearing for Graham Ivan Clark. Mr. Clark, 17, who pleaded not guilty to numerous charges, is accused of hijacking the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Elon Musk, among others.

  • Gov. Lourdes Leon Guerrero of Guam posted on Twitter Monday that she had tested positive. Ms. Guerrero said in a statement that she had discovered on Wednesday that she had come into close contact with a relative who had tested positive for the virus.

England will overhaul its contact tracing program.

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